We are all the main characters in our own life story.

As children, the sky is the limit for our ambitions. Our stories are adventurous and optimistic and so are we.  Sadly, as time passes, all too often our wings are clipped by well meaning (and not so well meaning) comments, expectations and harsh realities.

We learn to play a different role in a different story and sometimes that’s how things play out until the story ends. On some level it works for us,  and even if we realise how desperately uncomfortable we feel – we KNOW this character, setting and plot. It is the dreaded unknown that is so terrifying and yet, so tantalising.

We may be afraid to ask … Is this IT? Is this all I am destined to be; to understand; to achieve?  We’re afraid to ask it, because we will have to answer it and when we are feeling sad, afraid, alone, useless…the answer might be “Yes… this is it,” because in that emotional state we are not going to see a way through on our own.

What if ?

You’re here because you’re asking:

What if this isn’t IT?

What if things could be different?

You’ve realised you are not just the lead character, but the AUTHOR of the story, and as such you can make many, many changes.

But the prospect is scary.

Very scary.

…and you need a bit of support from someone you can trust. Really trust.

… someone who has your back. Because it’s so hard to get going on your own.

… someone who will encourage you to try (and fail) in small ways (before you step up to bigger ways). And provide the safety net.

… someone who will expect you to actually follow through with what you say you will do. Because otherwise nothing will change.

…someone who has learned that the only wasted experience is the one you didn’t learn from, and return from, feeling stronger, kinder, more understanding…

Contact me now for a FREE introductory session – all about you – at no cost.

The goal: you will have a better understanding of what’s going on, and will regain hope, a sense of normality and possibility.

What then?  You either sign up for my coaching support,  or you go it alone. It’s your choice. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by contacting me. I love supporting people to make positive change. It’s so heartwarming to see you feel that support and begin to realise the possibilities that can lie in store for you, then take steps to make that positive change happen.

In the meantime…please read my site and like my Facebook page.

You’ll find ideas and information, fleeting thoughts, moments of insight and deep questions which I hope will make you curious and want to know more. Sometimes when investigated, they lead somewhere valuable and interesting, sometimes they lead nowhere.  Sometimes they just lead nowhere the first time – later they make complete sense.

I hope what I share will be useful for you too, as you investigate your own path and find your own way.

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